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Together, we can help.

Your participation in The Dodge Company Go-Paperless program is very much appreciated.  Our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation has enabled us to plant a tree in one of our nation's forests in honor of each participant who signs up for paperless e-statements.

  • The trees we plant will clean the air, conserve the soil and provide safe habitats for wildlife.

  • The trees we plant will help provide clean air and drinking water for millions of people.

  • The trees will provide habitat for hundreds of species that make their homes in our nation's forests.

  • Each tree planted can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen each year.

  • One tree can lift as much as 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in one day.

  • Each tree can absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

  • Our nation's forests host all of America - over a billion visitor days every year - for skiing, birding, water sports, and scenic recreation. The trees planted will help ensure that future generations continue to enjoy these beautiful national treasures.

We are making a difference....one tree at a time!


*Statistical Information provided by the Arbor Day Foundation.


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